Hey! I'm Cole.

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A kiwi living the dream in Canada

I'm a kiwi native born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, currently living the dream working #lifeatshopify just outside of Toronto, Canada.

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The 3 hardest things about moving overseas

In 2016 my wife and I decided to move to Canada from the comfort of our own home in New Zealand. Here are the biggest 3 lessons I learned.

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Video: The Honeymoon of a lifetime

When I got the opportunity to judge at the University World Water Ski Championships in Japan this September, we decided this would be the beginning of an epic honeymoon...!

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New Zealand, you're good, but you need to stop being an immature teenager

Listening to the whingers, the commentators, and the optimists day in, day out can swing your view on what kind of country New Zealand is, what issues we have, and what is good about our little country down here in the corner of the globe. But sometimes, I feel we get caught up in our own isolation with little perspective from the outside world. Here are some things learned from travelling the world.

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